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STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Platform:


Cultivating Future STEMinists


Imagine a world where girls didn’t fear failure; where they are encouraged to push the limits and pursue their goals without limitations. I was fortunate enough to have an educational environment similar to just that. It wasn’t until I reached the collegiate level that I saw the under-representation of women in STEM.


In today’s society, women continuously face strong social stigmas pertaining to their careers in the workplace. Our society has shaped our views and tainted our minds to believe that women are restricted to certain career interests. STEM-related fields are one of the hardest hit areas for stereotypes and gender biases. In order to promote diversity within STEM areas, we have to be able to destroy the idea that women are only subject to certain fields.


As trivial as it sounds, young women still believe STEM is not for them but for young nerdy boys . Such stereotype can act as a gatekeeper to a young woman's ability to gain access to the STEM field. To counteract such stereotypes, I feel that it is my duty to enlighten and cultivate future STEMinists -people who support and advocate for Women in STEM.


As a working professional who is still battling this stereotype, I work to empower others, conduct STEM experiments, and help our young girls envision themselves in this field. I have partnered with various STEM organizations within the Indiana Girls Collaborative Project, sharing my story and acting as a STEMinist role model for young women.


As Miss Indiana, I will show young women that STEM has multifaceted women dominating in this field. Expanding my existing social media campaign where I highlight active STEMinsts, I want my audience to have a hands-on experience. Hosting workshops, speaking publicly, and giving entertaining demonstrations to the community is just the start. Such visibility will encourage young women who have an array of personalities and ethnic backgrounds that they, too, can become a STEMinists. Our young women are innovative and the necessary trail-blazers that are needed to drive STEM in our society.

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